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A symphony of colors. An explosion of light. Each Amambaih creation tells a story of the rich heritage, traditional artisanry and unyielding passion that imbues it. Unique, sculptural creations inspired by a desire to bring about change. Designed in Paris. Woven in Paraguay. Handcrafted in Spain.

Amambaih is a social project born from designer Mariela Montiel’s Paraguayan origins. In her quest to uncover her ancestors in her native land, she came across the communities of artisans in Paraguay, including the Maka tribe, which quickly captured her heart. Witnessing the effects of the economic and health care crisis that caused many of these locals to emigrate to the city in search of work, leaving behind their families, she sought to find a way to support this beautiful community. Instantly spellbound by their exquisite artisanry, magnificent fabrics and generous character, she was inspired to create a footwear collection that would support these native people and preserve their traditional craftsmanship.

Fingers weaving through the air in an intricate dance. Threads of the most magnificent shades gliding and intertwining to reveal a singular, braided tapestry. The artisans’ stunning fabrics, handwoven in Paraguay, embellish each Amambaih creation, conferring character, strength and beauty. Following Fair Trade practices, the fabrics are then used to responsibly create the final footwear in Spain, in time-honored fashion.

Amambaih is a story steeped in passion, imbued with poetry and rich with promise. Singular pieces designed to support people and the planet.