Built on a desire to support the indigenous communities of Paraguay and preserve their precious craftsmanship, AMAMBAIH merges sustainability, artisanry and luxury. Each of the brand’s footwear creations draws upon vibrant, luscious fabrics. Handwoven by female artisans in Paraguay. Handcrafted in Spain, AMAMBAIH Adheres to all fair trade requirements and introduces an unprecedented approach to sustainable luxury.

We are convinced that fashion captures cultural shifts better than any other industry.

As our earth's resources become increasingly scarce and small, local communities are more and more impacted by industrialization, it is up to us to bring about change. We are living in a decisive moment. Our industry must evolve to adapt to the shifting needs and desires of society. Any item we create should have meaning, purpose and true significance.

Behind each AMAMBAIH creation are the artisans that bring it to life. The Maká are an indigenous community originating from Chaco Boreal, in Paraguay. Today, they primarily live in a new native colony situated in Mariano Roque Alonso, near Asunción.

For AMAMBAIH, these are the artisans that weave together the exquisite, colorful braids that characterize every collection.

Our connection with nature serves as our guiding inspiration.

Every movement, every touch of the threads is done with passion and care, making AMAMBAIH a project rooted in love.

The braiding is completed by the indigenous Maká tribe,
following their ancestral techniques.

Each thread is lovingly chosen. Inspired by our earth and sun, every hue vibrates in harmony with the environment.

One by one, each thread is placed by the artisans,
in order to be spun and form the base
where our looms will be woven.

The yarns are then knotted to fix the structure
and allow weaving to begin.

Each knot carries the love and ancestral know-how
that is passed on from one generation to the next.

Together, let's preserve this beautiful culture for generations to come.